Confidence, self-esteem, coordination, power…. and fun πŸ‘Š


Ishinryu Karate has been teaching karate in the Sutherland Shire for over 40 years and have grown an extensive team of accredited and experienced black belt instructors.

Guided by Head of Style for Australia Sensei Tony Hails 8th Dan and Chief Instructor NSW Sensei Alison Peachey 6th Dan, we offer a robust, challenging, enjoyable and inclusive program for students of any gender and ability from age 4 to 60+. We offer classes especially for kids, and also for families. We have a dedicated competition squad for both emerging and established sport competitors of all ages and grades.

We are experienced and talented in developing students into very capable martial artists, all the time increasing a students’ confidence, self esteem, fitness, flexibility and coordination, and awareness. Martial arts will increase your confidence and motivation. Your fitness levels will improve whilst you learn practical physical and mental life skills. And no matter your age, you will have fun and join a social network based on unbridled encouragement and friendship.

Whether you are looking for a practical and substantial activity for your child, an avenue into competition karate, wish to learn practical self defence, participate with your entire family or are keen to improve your fitness and flexibility, we are the karate club for you. We have a family atmosphere for the journey to black belt and beyond, also catering for the competitive athlete with representation of their state and country their aim – we have a class for you.

We are the only Sutherland Shire karate dojo that is a member of the Australian and NSW Karate Federations, and through them are members of the World Karate Federation, the only karate federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

Where to find us. We are located on the top level of the excellent and convenient Menai Indoor Sports Centre, with regular classes timetabled during school terms and holiday camps and classes added in between.

Karate is for all ages and genders. Our youngest students have just turned 4 and we have students and instructors in their 50’s and 60’s (and every age in between). Over one-third of our study body is female. No martial arts experience is necessary, no specific level of fitness or flexibility is required to start. Give our chief instructor Sensei Alison Peachey 6th Dan a call or message with your queries and desires and she’ll specifically let you know how you will thrive in our inclusive club.

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“I’m a student here and started 12 years ago when I was 7. I have received nothing but kindness, and support, and developed the dedication and motivation to continue all these years. Classes are suitable for a variety of times, whether you are a student going to school, an adult with a 9-5 job, or somewhere in-between :))

Ishinryu Karate Australia
Jonathan CStudent

“Ishinryu is an amazing club to join particularly for women of any age. It’s tough but fun and gives you heaps of confidence. I have always felt included and supported for my abilities. The club is family orientated and a safe place for you to train.

Ishinryu Karate Australia
Shila JStudent

“My 10 yr old looks forward to her classes with Sensei Alison each week. It’s a great environment where not only the kids are taught self defence and discipline but the participants enjoy the mental and physical training.
We absolutely recommend Ishinryu Karate Aus – Menai ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Ishinryu Karate Australia
Yvonne AParent

“Even though Ishinryu Karate (and this club) were founded by karate royalty, and the senior instructors have international and national experience, the dojo is incredibly friendly and family-oriented. New students are made to feel welcome and classes are fun, all the while training to a very high standard. Higher grade classes have an emphasis on good form and techniques that work. Thoroughly recommend!”

Ishinryu Karate Australia
Carsten S-PStudent