Meet Our Team of Black Belt Instructors

At Ishinryu Karate Australia, all of our karate classes are taught or overseen by one of our senior black belt instructors. With a combined experience of over 100 years, our team has trained over 3000 students, including national coaches and Australian representatives. 

Find out why Ishinryu Karate is the Sutherland Shire’s premier martial arts destination.

Our Team

Sensei Tony Hails8th Dan

Ishinryu Karate Australia’s Founder and Head of Style, Sensei Tony Hails, is the number one Ishinryu student worldwide. With an incredible 40+ years of Ishinryu training under his belt, Sensei Tony has competed in World Championships and earned several Asia Pacific Medals, including coveted gold against Japanese opponents. Sensei Tony’s coaching honours include NSW, Australia and Fiji and he is a silver dojo instructor with Sport Australia/AIS.

Sensei Alison Peachey6th Dan

Ishinryu Karate’s Chief Instructor for NSW, Sensei Alison Peachey, has been training with Ishinryu for over 30 years. Sensei Alison is the highest graded female instructor worldwide and is the first and only World Karate Federation official in Ishinryu’s history. Sensei Alison’s accomplishments include being a  World Karate Federation Kumite Judge, and the highest graded Ishinryu referee of all time.

Sensei Leighton Wren5th Dan

Senior Karate Instructor Sensei Leighton Wren has over two decades of experience training with Ishinryu. After achieving his shodan as a teenager, Sensei Leighton has gone on to win several national and international titles, in addition to earning his Sport Australia/AIS accreditation as a bronze dojo coach.

Sensei Gary Crookshank3rd Dan

Senior Karate Instructor Sensei Gary Crookshank achieved his 3rd Dan in 2019. Sensei Gary’s devotion to martial arts and his unyielding commitment to personal growth has propelled him to inspire others to achieve their full potential. With his wealth of experience, he is now one of our skilled senior instructors.

Sensei Gino Ferraro3rd Dan

Sensei Gino Ferraro achieved his 3rd Dan grading in 2019. Sensei Gino’s unwavering dedication to martial arts, combined with his love for learning, has led him to pass on his knowledge and help others achieve their full potential. His expertise has earned him a position as a seasoned instructor at our Menai dojo .

Sensei Michael Radermacher3rd Dan

Senior Karate Instructor Sensei Michael Radermacher began training with Ishinryu in the 1980s and is a strong competitor in local and international events. Sensei Michael most recently earned a medal at the Australian and New Zealand opens in both kata and kumite. He is a National kumite and kata judge and is a silver dojo instructor, accredited by Sport Australia/AIS. Sensei Michael graded to 3rd Dan in 2020.

Sensei Neil Walker3rd Dan

Senior Karate Instructor Sensei Neil Walker transferred to Ishinryu 15+ years ago to train  with his former National Team Captain Sensei Tony Hails. Sensei Neil graded to 3rd Dan with Ishinryu in 2020. Sensei Neil’s passion for martial arts and his commitment to continued learning have driven him to impart his knowledge and assist others in reaching their maximum potential, becoming a senior instructor at Ishinryu Karate’s Menai dojo in the Sutherland Shire.