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World U21, Junior and Cadet Championships

Ishinryu will be widely represented at the World Championships being held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in November.

  • Sensei Tony Hails will be coaching Fiji.
  • Sempai James Walker will be competing for Australia in the cadet kumite.
  • Our founder, Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE, will be coaching England in kata
  • And we hear there are three Ishinryu athletes in the England kata squad.
  • Oh, and Sensei Wayne Otto (not Ishinryu, but a great friend of our dojo!) will be coaching Norway whilst his son competes in kumite for England!

We’ll be keeping you posted via facebook. We anticipate live draw updates (so we can see the progression of the rounds) and hopefully there will be a live video feed. We’ll let you know.