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2015 Winter Championships

Results from our fabulous winter tournament (Saturday 29 August)!

Thank you for the hundreds of photos on our facebook page, a few in the website gallery (a big thanks in advance to our fab photographers, Deb Walker of Fine by Design, and Lynne Lorinczi).

We know your hanging to know, but the date for our fabulous Annual Championships won’t be announced until the beginning of Term 4.

First Second Third
Pee Wee Open Emelia Ferraro Elena Hails Marcus Sinicropi
Pee Wee Division 1 Jack Mitchell Jackson K. Schomacker Tyron Powell
Pee Wee Division 2 Brianna Walsh Samarah Ammoun Farah Ammoun
Pee Wee Division 3 Jaxon Hill James Worrell Thomas Saunders
Junior Open Daniel Crookshank James Walker Ben Ferraro
Junior Division 1 Andrew Crookshank Luke mitchell Christina Ohis
Senior Open Ruby Lorinczi Rikesh Jeram Cody Gale
Individual Gladiator – large James Walker Daniel Crookshank Alex Airoldi
Individual Gladiator – small Luke mitchell Andrew Crookshank Jayden Culshaw
Team Andrew Gerovassilis Elena Hails Farah Ammoun
Tyron Powell Aiden Aboultaif Jack Mitchell
Isabel Worrell Oran Campbell Oliver Andersen
Pee Wee Open William Jones Marcus Sinicropi Elena Hails
Pee Wee Division 1 Aiden Aboultaif Jackson K. Schomacker Jack Mitchell
Pee Wee Division 2 Jaxon Hill Thomas Wilson Tyron Powell
Pee Wee Division 3 Michael Mann Alexander Wright Thomas Saunders
Junior Open Andrew Crookshank Itai Libman Amelie Zreika
Senior Open James Walker Cody Gale Daniel Crookshank
Referees: Senseiis Tony Hails, Alison Peachey, Leighton Wren
Assistant referees: Rikesh Jeram, Roshan Pillai, Ruby Lorinczi, Lance Borwick
Mat assistants: Alex Airoldi, Cody Gale, Daniel Crookshank, James Walker, Daniel Ferraro
Fabulous table officials: Gino Ferraro, Gary Crookshank, Clint Walker, Darren Gale, Kirren Wilson, Jo Bailey, Leonie Giddy, Andrew Wright, Catherine Ohis, Nicole Crookshank, Rola Aboultaif, Sophie Chaney