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Term 3 Grading Results

A huge well done to all students who graded on Thursday 18 September.

* indicates a distinction, an excellent grading result.

The next grading will be in December, we’ll set the date once we get an idea of end of school commitments for all students.

Daniel Ferraro Menai 2nd kyu *
Etienne Fotopoilos Jannali 3rd kyu
Zane Assen Engadine 3rd kyu
Benjamin Capovilla Menai 4th kyu
Ashleigh McKay Menai 6th kyu
Brielle Mann Menai 6th kyu
bryce boulton Jannali 6th kyu
Elizabeth Wilson Menai 6th kyu
Ella Woodward Menai 6th kyu
Jericho Coloma Menai 6th kyu
Paul Mann Menai 6th kyu
Alicia Aslanidis Menai 7th kyu
Emma Takasugi Jannali 7th kyu
Joshua Barry Jannali 7th kyu
Nixon Powell Burraneer Bay 7th kyu
Noah Herden Burraneer Bay 7th kyu
Stefan Bleszynski Engadine 7th kyu
Eden Flynn Menai 8th kyu
Louis Bayliss Jannali 8th kyu
Thomas Wilson Jannali 8th kyu
Tyron Powell Burraneer Bay 8th kyu
Amelie Zreika Menai 9th kyu
Deanna Karountzos Menai 9th kyu
Elijah Angelou Menai 9th kyu
Eve Linton Menai 9th kyu *
Farah Ammoun Menai 9th kyu *
Hanah Ammoun Menai 9th kyu *
Ibrahim Sabih Menai 9th kyu *
Jamie Lancaster Jannali 9th kyu
Mariam Sabih Menai 9th kyu
Michael Hutchinson Menai 9th kyu *
Monae Zreika Menai 9th kyu
Nicholas Petris Menai 9th kyu *
Ryan Morters Jannali 9th kyu
Samarah Ammoun Menai 9th kyu
Scott Symons Jannali 9th kyu *
Victoria Karountzos Menai 9th kyu *
Aden Womack Jannali 10th kyu *
J.P Lampasona Jannali 10th kyu