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September grading results

Well done everyone, a pretty thorough 4 sessions with Sensei Alison and Sensei Leighton, it was a pleasure to see hard work rewarded with good results. We hope you are enjoying your new belts…

* distinction

Neil Jeram Menai 2nd kyu *
Julian Anderson Menai 4th kyu
James Selas Menai 5th kyu
Thomas Petkovic Menai 5th kyu
Georgia Cowan Menai 6th kyu
Nicholas Petris Menai 6th kyu
Otto Ohis Jannali 6th kyu *
Ryan Morters Jannali 6th kyu
Brianna Walsh Menai 6th kyu
Sophie Chaney Jannali 6th kyu
Andrew Titmuss Jannali 6th kyu
Maxime Chaney Jannali 6th kyu
Amelie Zreika Menai 6th kyu
Brandon Mathai Menai 6th kyu
Samuel Pracy Menai 7th kyu *
Hugo Ohis Jannali 7th kyu *
Monae Zreika Menai 7th kyu
Samarah Ammoun Menai 7th kyu
Eve Linton Menai 7th kyu
Jack Pracy Menai 7th kyu
Natasha Pracy Menai 7th kyu
Joel Morters Jannali 8th kyu
Oliver Bushell Jannali 8th kyu
Mia Le Roy-Sheedy Menai 9th kyu
Jaxon Hill Menai 9th kyu *
Michael Mann Jannali 9th kyu
William Oberg Menai 9th kyu
Georgia Smith Menai 9th kyu
Rie’Vee Fish Menai 9th kyu
Timothy Paige Menai 10th kyu
Bradford Beencke Menai 10th kyu *
Maximus Linsell Jannali 10th kyu
Riley O’Brien Jannali 10th kyu
Isabel Worrell Menai 10th kyu *
Laz Mitilinakis Menai 10th kyu