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Our 2013 Annual Championships

30 November 2013 – Ishinryu Annual Championships

What a day…. an awesome event attended by over 60 Ishinryu athletes.

We loved the spirit of competition, and how everyone lifts when they get on the mat. Thank you to all the magnificent helpers, many first timers, you make the day run so smoothly.

Congratulations to all students who won medals. And to all of you that didn’t (but you took one home nonethless!). All champions…

  First Second Third
Pee Wee Open Emelia Ferraro Jayden Culshaw Elena Hails
Pee Wee Division 1 Luke Mitchell Amelia Faraj Jack Mitchell
Pee Wee Division 2 Zane Duffy Jackson Schomacker Elizabeth Wilson
Nicholas Rossi
Pee Wee Division 3 Joshua Simpson Andrew Gerovassilis Christian Haver
Junior Open Bianca Jenkins Alex Airoldi Leah Anderson
Junior Division 1 Itai Libman Ben Ferraro Joshua d’Ettorre
Junior Division 2 Daniel Joyce Carly Eyles Jacqueline Nguyen
Senior Open Ruby Lorinczi Roshan Pillai Rikesh Jeram
Senior Division 1 Michelle Anderson Leonie Ferraro Jack Heskett
Individual Gladiator – large Cody Gale Daniel Ferraro Alex Airoldi
Individual Gladiator – small Daniel Crookshank Bianca Jenkins Ruby Lorinczi
Team Darby Thompson Jay Beaton Lewis Roberts
  Elena Hails Emelia Ferraro Luke Hails
  Kalan Caltabiano Haydn Rundle Noah Herden
Pee Wee Open Luke Hails Luke Mitchell Andrew Crookshank
Pee Wee Division 1 Jack Mitchell Elena Hails Aiden Aboultaif
Pee Wee Division 2 Joshua Simpson Andrew Gerovassilis Kane Santos
Pee Wee Division 3 Zane Duffy Jackson Schomacker Ethan Brown
Junior Girls Open Ruby Lorinczi Carly Eyles Leah Anderson
Junior Boys Open Daniel Crookshank Kye Giardini Cody Gale
Junior Boys (age 11-12) Joshua d’Ettorre Stefan Bleszynski Dean Tourvas
Masters Michelle Anderson Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer Neil Jeram
Young Lions (age 16 – 20) Roshan Pillai Matthew Joyce Jayce Jenkins
Referees: Senseiis Tony Hails, Alison Peachey, Cassidy Lynne, Leighton Wren, Trevor Bonser
Helpers: Neil Jeram, Mel Lambert, Gino Ferraro, Tanya Thompson, Nicole Crookshank, Shila Jeram, Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer, Rola Aboultaif, Mr Caltabiano, Clint Walker, Jay Tarlinton, James Walker, Ruby Lorinczi, Leah Anderson, Roshan Pillai, Rikesh Jeram, Jayce Jenkins, Jack Heskett, Lexi Pillai, Lynne Lorinczi, Deborah Walker, Gary Crookshank and probably more…..