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March Grading Results

Well done to everyone who graded in March 2015. A busy evening and some great performances.

* indicates a distinction, reflecting students who knew all that was required and did it all very well.

Congratulations to everyone.

Itai Libman Menai 2nd kyu
Cody Gale Menai 3rd kyu *
Daniel Crookshank Menai 3rd kyu *
Elena Hails Menai 3rd kyu *
Emelia Ferraro Menai 3rd kyu *
Joshua d’Ettorre Jannali 3rd kyu *
Leonie Ferraro Menai 3rd kyu *
Nicole Crookshank Menai 3rd kyu *
Shila Jeram Menai 3rd kyu *
Aiden Aboultaif Menai 4th kyu
Jimmy Corcoran Menai 4th kyu
Lewis Roberts Menai 4th kyu
Andrew Gerovassilis Menai 5th kyu *
Chris Gerovassilis Menai 5th kyu *
Hayden Lane Jannali 5th kyu
Will Jones Menai 5th kyu
Catherine Ohis Menai 6th kyu
Emma Takasugi Jannali 6th kyu
Hanah Ammoun Menai 6th kyu
Joshua Simpson Menai 6th kyu
Marcus Sinicropi Menai 6th kyu
Mason Brough Menai 6th kyu
Paul Mann Menai 6th kyu
Thomas Petkovic Menai 6th kyu
Darren Gale Menai 7th kyu *
Sophie Chaney Jannali 7th kyu *
Victoria Karountzos Menai 7th kyu *
Andrew Titmuss Jannali 7th kyu
Brandon Mathai Menai 7th kyu
Brianna Walsh Menai 7th kyu
Deanna Karountzos Menai 7th kyu
Elijah Angelou Menai 7th kyu
Farah Ammoun Menai 7th kyu
Georgia Cowan Menai 7th kyu
Maxime Chaney Jannali 7th kyu
Nicholas Petris Menai 7th kyu
Ryan Morters Jannali 7th kyu
Jamie Lancaster Jannali 8th kyu *
Ava Le Roy-Sheedy Menai 8th kyu
Bruno de Oliveira Jannali 8th kyu
Liam Corner Menai 8th kyu
Rome Le Roy-Sheedy Menai 8th kyu
Scott Pattinson Menai 8th kyu
Tom Browne Jannali 8th kyu
Andrew Sheedy Menai 9th kyu
Ben Marney Jannali 9th kyu
Joel Morters Jannali 9th kyu
Josh Maunder Jannali 9th kyu
Luke Sinicropi Menai 9th kyu
Oliver Bushell Jannali 9th kyu
Alex Wright Menai 10th kyu
Ben Symons Jannali 10th kyu
Dominic Lenzo Menai 10th kyu
Grayson Skry Menai 10th kyu
Logan Reberger Menai 10th kyu
Oliver Anderson Menai 10th kyu
Oran Campbell Menai 10th kyu
Samuel Paterson Menai 10th kyu
Ty Kettlewell Jannali 10th kyu
William Saunders Menai 10th kyu
Zahra Rugless Jannali 10th kyu
Zane Watson Jannali 10th kyu