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2016 Annual Championships – Results

2016 Annual Championships Competitors and Referees

Great day everyone! Saturday 26 November saw the Menai dojo taken over by enthusiastic karateka embracing the opportunity to test their skills in kata, kumite and gladiator (for -15, we will consider an adults event, perhaps for the Christmas party!).

A huge thank you to the large number of volunteers who operated the tables and took many photos. Without you, a few people would have had lengthy stints and the day would not have run so smoothly. Thank you.

Congratulations to the medal winners, and to all who didn’t win medals – hey, only one person can win each division. It’s doing the best you can, or finding out what you’ll need to do to be able to produce your best, that really matters.

Many photos have been posted on our facebook page, enjoy.

Click here for the pdf of the results: November 16 results

We aren’t at all happy about our results format below!!! Table pasting issues, will attempt to fix…

First Second Third
Pee Wee Open Amelia Faraj Jack Mitchell Aiden Aboultaif
Pee Wee Division 1 Max Halar Timothy Paige Bradford Beencke
Pee Wee Division 2 Akash Sharma William Corcoran Dalia Libman
Pee Wee Division 3 Sebastian Zobouian Ethan Liu Alexander Lee
Junior Open Ben Ferraro Emelia Ferraro Joshua d’Ettorre
Junior Division 1 Luke Mitchell Elena Hails Marcus Sinicropi
Junior Division 2 Will Jones Nicholas Petris Maxime Chaney
Junior Division 3 Jordyn Faraj Chloe Anderson Georgia Cowan
Senior Open Rikesh Jeram Karri Whiting James Walker
Senior Division 1 Neil Jeram Leonie Ferraro Shila Jeram
Individual Gladiator – Open Joshua d’Ettorre Ben Ferraro Jackson Hunter
Individual Gladiator – Girls Elena Hails Emelia Ferraro Jordyn Faraj
Individual Gladiator – Boys (tall) Mason Brough Will Jones Jayden Culshaw
Individual Gladiator – Boys (small) Andrew Gerovassilis Luke Mitchell Nicholas Petris
Team Timothy Paige Bradford Beencke Aiden Aboultaif
Thomas Saunders Akash Sharma Max Halar
Sebastian Zobouian Lucas Zobouian Peter Ibrahim
Pee Wee Open Amelia Faraj Jack Mitchell Aiden Aboultaif
Pee Wee Division 1 Bradford Beencke William Corcoran Timothy Paige
Pee Wee Division 2 Thomas Saunders Alex Wright Akash Sharma
Pee Wee Division 3 Sebastian Zobouian Jackson Moore Oliver Andersen
Pee Wee Division 4 Lukis Notaras Jack Bowden Cillian Barker
Junior Boys Open Joshua d’Ettorre Ben Ferraro Maxime Chaney
Junior Girls Open Elena Hails Etienne Fotopoulos Jordyn Faraj
Junior Boys (tall) Luke Mitchell Will Jones Marcus Sinicropi
Junior Boys (small) Andrew Gerovassilis Nicholas Petris Reuben Netto
Senior Open James Walker Rikesh Jeram Daniel Ferraro
Senior Division 1 Nick Halar Neil Jeram Gino Ferraro
Referees: Senseiis Tony Hails, Alison Peachey, Leighton Wren.
Assistant referees: Rikesh Jeram, Gino Ferraro, James Walker, Karri Whiting
Table officials: Brad Mitchell, Karri Whiting, Leonie Ferraro, Peter Xuereb, Julene Mangelsdorf, Sam Lenzo, Pauline Moore, Clint Walker, Ben Jones, Maggie Liu, Shila Jeram, Rola Aboultaif.
Website and Facebook photographer: Deb Walker