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2015 Annual Championships – results

A huge day! And a chance for all students to get out there and impress us with their improvement since the last competition.

It was very clear that good work is being done in the dojo and at home.

Results are as follows. Please take particular note of all our fabulous volunteers, listed at the end. Without these tremendous karateka and parents giving up their time the event would not have been able to run so smooth.

Photos soon to follow… our photographers are hopefully at home having a rest and a cold one!

First Second Third
Pee Wee Open Amelia Faraj Emelia Ferraro Jack Mitchell
Pee Wee Division 1 Joshua Simpson Tyron Powell Nicholas Petris
Pee Wee Division 2 Farah Ammoun Elijah Angelou Mia Le Roy-Sheedy
Pee Wee Division 3 Jaxon Hill Ava Le Roy-Sheedy James Worrell
Pee Wee Division 4 Bradford Beencke Thomas Saunders William Saunders
Junior Open James Walker Daniel Ferraro Daniel Crookshank
Junior Division 1 Andrew Crookshank Luke Mitchell Jayden Culshaw
Junior Division 2 Chloe Anderson Amelie Zreika Hanah Ammoun
Junior Division 3 Ashley Metters Jackson Hunter Rebekah Gibson
Senior Open Rikesh Jeram Leah Anderson Cody Gale
Women’s Open Michelle Anderson Shila Jeram Leonie Ferraro
Senior Intermediate Cody Gale Andrew Sheedy Andrew Wright
Individual Gladiator – large Alex Airoldi James Walker Daniel Crookshank
Individual Gladiator – medium boys Jackson Hunter Andrew Crookshank Maxime Chaney
Individual Gladiator – medium girls Hanah Ammoun Amy Lawson Rebekah Gibson
Individual Gladiator – small boys Will Jones Joshua Simpson Luke Mitchell
Individual Gladiator – small girls Amelie Zreika Ashley Metters Emelia Ferraro
Team Mia Le Roy-Sheedy Andrew Gerovassilis Elena Hails
Tyron Powell Oliver Bushell Jaxon Hill
Thomas Saunders Ava Le Roy-Sheedy Oliver Andersen
Pee Wee Open Will Jones Andrew Gerovassilis Joshua Simpson
Pee Wee Division 1 Elena Hails Nicholas Petris Amelia Faraj
Pee Wee Division 2 Jackson Schomacker Jack Mitchell Hayden Lane
Pee Wee Division 3 Bradford Beencke Jaxon Hill Mia Le Roy-Sheedy
Pee Wee Division 4 Ava Le Roy-Sheedy Alex Wright Kai Rosser
Junior Open James Walker Cody Gale Daniel Ferraro
Junior Division 1 Ashley Metters Luke Mitchell Amelie Zreika
Marcus Sinicropi
Junior tall Andrew Crookshank Rebekah Gibson Maxime Chaney
Junior small Joshua d’Ettorre Brendan Morris Itai Libman
Senior Open Darren Gale Andrew Sheedy Neil Jeram
Referees: Senseiis Tony Hails, Alison Peachey, Leighton Wren.
Assistant referees: Gino Ferraro, Rikesh Jeram, Gary Crookshank, James Walker, Leah Anderson.
Table officials: Michelle Anderson, Neil Jeram, Darren Gale, Shila Jeram, Jeremy Hill, Andrew Wright, Sophie Chaney, Clint Walker, Jo Bailey, Paul Simpson, Nicole Crookshank, Leonie Ferraro.
Mat helpers: Daniel Crookshank, Alex Airoldi, Daniel Ferraro, Cody Gale.
Website and Facebook photographers: Deb Walker, Lynne Lorinczi.