Competition squad

Being reinstated in 2023 as a permanent fixture on our timetable is our all ages, all grades and all abilities competition squad.

This is exciting… and is Ishinryu heading back to its’ roots. We are, at our heart, a formidable competition style.

With our styles’ World founder Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 10th Dan‘s world-record number of world championship wins, and Australian Head of Style Sensei Tony Hails 8th Dan extraordinary competition career (as an athlete, captain and coach) we have a competition pedigree that is unsurpassed.

This class is for all students serious about improving their competition potential. Whilst fighting is taught in the regular classes this class is off-syllabus and specifically targetted at the competition athlete. Tactics, techniques and knowledge of the rules will be the fundamental aspects of this class.

Classes will be taught by any of the following:

Our Sensei will be assisted by:

This class truly is for all ages and grades – you get better by doing, by being exposed to high expectations and good examples from others.