8-12 years classes

Many students join karate in this age group with no previous martial arts experience. It is also the receiving class from our graduating 4-7 years students. This class includes a very collegial and welcoming team of children; it is usual that a student enjoys a free week of classes and emerges with new friends.

This specific class for primary school aged children is held on Monday and Thursday at the Menai Indoor Sports Centre.

Whilst the 8-12’s study the regular Ishinryu karate syllabus, the first two grades are “halved” for 10 and under to allow for slower progression with regular gradings and the acknowledgement of progress of earning their next belt. This class will:

  • commence progression through the grade levels
  • emphasise skill development, self awareness and control, coordination and fun
  • introduce kata and controlled sparring

45 minutes in duration, the optimal length to instill and practice new skills for our primary school aged karate students.