All classes for kids and adults are held at the fabulous Menai Indoor Sports Centre. We are located on the first floor. There is ample undercover parking with lift and stair access.

Ishinryu has developed a specific curriculum for our 4-7 year olds. This 30 minute class is ideal for instilling basic skills in a games-based and disciplined environment.

All students aged 8 to adult follow the syllabus that will guide them to black belt and beyond. Classes during the week are split by age. This ensures that we give every student the social engagement and targetted instruction to facilitate their constant incremental improvement.

Saturday is our family day. Classes are split by grade (belt level) and students of all ages can train together. This is especially popular for the many families who train with us as mum and dad can be in the same class with the kids (and the kids love that too πŸ™‚).

Our competition squad is for all students wanting to improve their competition preparation and performance, whether they choose to compete regularly or not. Participation in the squad will improve all aspects of your karate. Age is not a prerequisite; a willingness to learn and improve and be adventurous is.

  • 2023 Timetable

    Our 2023 timetable introduces a new Competition Squad on Saturdays along with new times for some of our other classes.

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  • Competition squad

    Being reinstated in 2023 as a permanent fixture on our timetable is our all ages, all grades and all abilities competition squad. This is exciting… and is Ishinryu heading back to its’ roots. We are, at our heart, a formidable competition style. With our styles’ World founder Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 10th Dan‘s world-record number…

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  • Family Saturday

    We have so many families who train with Ishinryu – two or more siblings, cousins, and very excitingly, loads of mums and dads with their kids. This does extend to the instructors, with many having commenced karate with their child. To allow everyone an opportunity each week to train together in the one class (that…

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  • 13 years – adult classes

    Once students reach High School they have gained the maturity to train in a 60 minute class alongside adults. This is a mix that beautifully works. Many parent/child combinations are in each class and the exuberance and flexibility of youth is paired well with the analytical mind (alongside exuberance and flexibility πŸ˜€) of the adults.…

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  • 8-12 years classes

    Many students join karate in this age group with no previous martial arts experience. It is also the receiving class from our graduating 4-7 years students. This class includes a very collegial and welcoming team of children; it is usual that a student enjoys a free week of classes and emerges with new friends. This…

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  • 4-7 years classes

    Our 4-7 years karate-skills classes develop coordination and confidence whilst learning basic karate techniques in a safe and inclusive environment. Each class is: Organised sport for children has rightly moved away from an emphasis on winning and comparisons between children. Sport now provides a focus on kids being active, having fun with friends and developing…

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